Billie Faiers Celebrated Her Daughter Nelly’s Seventh Birthday By Surprising Her With Getting Her Ears Pierced

Billie Faiers celebrates daughter Nelly's 7th birthday by surprising her  with getting ears pierced - UAE News - UAE News | Dubai News

In scenes from The Family Diaries set to air on Wednesday night, the former TOWIE star, 31, could be seen leading her daughter through to the kitchen where huge pink balloons were set out which read ‘Nelly.’

The table was covered in gifts wrapped in pink and white wrapping paper, and there was a clear equestrian theme with a horse shaped piñata, balloons and cake.

The family were all in their pyjamas for the birthday morning, with Billie’s mum Suzanne is smiling in the background.

Nelly then jumped around in excitement upon seeing the presents and said: ‘It’s my birthday I can do what I want!’

The youngster screamed at the top of her voice before Billie admitted in a piece to camera that she ‘really loved’ the morning.

She said: ‘I do really love the birthday mornings at ours. I feel like the kids are always so excited. It’s so lovely to see all their little faces.’

The clip then showed the surprise gift of Nelly going to get her ears pierced, which she was very happy about.

Nelly looked adorable as she put her hand to her mouth in excitement after finishing reading the letter explaining her gift.

Billie’s husband Greg Shepherd could be heard in the background saying: ‘Ears pierced time! Big girl!’

On last week’s episode, Greg and Billie came to blows after it was revealed that the reality star would be taking over her husband’s dressing room to make it into a shoe closet.

During a meeting with their interior designer, the professional explains: ‘So here is where we have knocked through and Greg here is your half, well third.’

Greg then said: ‘It seems to me there’s more shoe space in that than there is hanging space…’

Billie replies: ‘Obviously I do have a lot more clothes than Greg, with the dressing room space we decided to knock the parting wall down to make it one big room, so it means we have a lot more space and rails..’

Greg then interrupts to say: ‘When you say we decided, you mean you! As this is the first I’ve heard of it.

‘So let me just get this right, with regards to the dressing room, you’re having your own huge one which will go into mine? What’s happened?’

The interior designer then replies: ‘Well we tried but we just needed a little bit more space!’

Greg then looked back over at Billie disapprovingly.

Earlier this year, Billie admitted she’s not speaking to the neighbours at her new property in Brentwood, after they opposed the couple’s plans to demolish the original rundown house and replace it with a five-bed palace.

Bridges haven’t been built since they won planning permission in August last year with Billie saying: ‘We’ve not seen anyone. But it’s just not a great start, is it?’ She continued of the home, which was constructed in the 1920s: ‘The house is so old, whoever was going to buy it was going to have to renovate.

‘There’s only one neighbour to the side of us and he had a lot of reasons as to why he didn’t want us to go ahead, but it was getting a bit silly in the end. It’s been a very long journey already and it’s about to get even more pressurised once the builders start work.’

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