Caitlyn Jenner Has Described Her Warm Relationship With Kanye West

Speaking to her housemates on Big Brother VIP during Monday’s premiere episode, the 72-year-old explained: ‘Kim’s getting married to Kanye. They decide to have the reception the night before, at Versailles in Paris.

‘Kanye rents out Versailles, and they have never had a private party there, but Kanye pulls the strings. It was spectacular,’ she said.

Caitlyn went on: ‘They thanked everyone and said tomorrow, the wedding will be in Florence. We are in Paris. They said pack your bags, we are going to Paris, we have two huge private jets.’

The couple said ‘I do’ at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy – and no expense was spared.

‘The dinner table was at leas 100 feet long, white marble, and you start looking for where you are sitting. And instead of a name tag they had engraved your name into the marble!’ Caitlyn revealed to gasps from her housemates.

‘I am up there looking out over the city of Florence and I think, what I need is Bocelli. The blind singer,’ she went on.

‘Kim comes walking down this long walkway, and what do I hear? Bocelli. I am thinking this is perfect.

‘I think, wait a second, and there he was, standing right behind me. Andrea Bocelli. I turned around to Kris and I go’ she said, her mouth dropping open.

Caitlyn revealed that despite his quirks, Kanye was always kind to her.

‘Kanye had set that all up. It was a very cool wedding. Great attention to detail. Kanye was very very god at that.

‘I liked Kanye. I got along very well with Kanye. He was certainly out there but he was always very, very, very good to me,’ she said.

Unfortunately the couple’s six year marriage is over, with Kim filing for divorce earlier this year.

Big Brother VIP continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel Seven

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