Cardi B Just Gifted Her Husband Offset A Cool $2 Million For His 30th Birthday

Offset turned the big 3-0 earlier this month, and celebrated last night, December 21, with a sneaker-themed party full of fellow celebs, footwear and novelty oversized cheques.

Recently appointed Playboy’s creative director, it was only natural that Cardi B attended the event with a huge Playboy bunny chain around her neck, while husband Offset was seen sporting a blue Louis Vuitton jacket.

Taking to the stage at the event, Cardi B asked, ‘What do I get somebody that gave me a motherf*cking house?’

‘So babe, this is my birthday [gift] to you, I know you got a lot of business ventures coming in 2022, so let’s get it, bring out the birthday cheque!’

It was at this point Cardi unveiled the giant cheque, made out to Offset to the sum of $2 million. Not a bad gift if you ask me.

Also witnessing the generous gift exchange was Kanye West, who attended the party solo, The Game, Takeoff, French and Quavo, among others, TMZ reports.

Cardi B and Offset are known to gift each other lavish presents; earlier this year Offset presented his wife with a golden bird cage handbag, worth more than $20,000, for Valentine’s Day. While this time last year Cardi gave Offset a $600,000 Lamborghini.

After being named Playboy magazine’s first Creative Director in Residence earlier this month, it’s no surprise Cardi B feels she can let loose with her gift-giving. I look forward to seeing what they get each other for Christmas.

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