Denise Chaila Will Release New Project ‘It’s A Mixtape’ On November 26th

The incoming project – which technically billed as an EP, curiously – is out next month, and coincides with a Pitchfork London Festival slot at Oslo on November 12th.

New single ‘Energy’ is out now, and it’s a bold return from the award-winning Irish aesthete.

A song that deals with grief and survival, ‘Energy’ is about learning to become more in tune with yourself, throwing together jazz, soul, R&B, and hip-hop influences.

MuRli features on the verse, a sign of the creative diversity within the narolane nexus.

Denise Chaila comments…

“I wrote this song when I was tired and grieving. Somehow, the experience of creating it (from conception to recording to filming) became a massive learning curve. Singing ‘you can’t take my energy’ while mentally and emotionally drained, living through incredible uncertainty and trying to find stable ground from moment to moment became a challenge I didn’t intend to set myself. One I’m glad I did. The song began as a beat with a time signature that I just couldn’t understand how to write to. One which I allowed to linger in my drafts for months because I was too nervous to attempt writing to it and potentially ruin a very beautiful song. Every step of the process has been measured, unhurried, full of conversation and gentle risk taking. Stepping outside my comfort zone like this made me gag as much as it made me smile.”

“This song and the work surrounding it has ultimately been an opportunity. I’ve spent the year asking myself what I want to do with myself when my heart is broken. What my work ultimately means to me. What purpose it serves in my own life. And from the wellspring of these questions, beautiful threads of curiosity have emerged from me. In the end; hope is more than a sound bite for a podcast, pain is more than a line in a song, there are things I’ve gone through in the last year that I’ll work through for the next ten, and nobody can bait me out enough to take from me what I do not choose to give freely.”

“You can’t take my energy.”

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