Inkreece Profile And Biography

I’m Collins Otsepa but you can call me Inkreece now that we’re hanging out together.

I was born on 3rd February, 2000 in Makurdi, Benue State , Nigeria. I always had a passion for music as a kid and now it’s become my life. I sing, rap and write songs and you can usually find my bestie and producer Mad J laying down dope beats for the squad. I love to experiment with Afrobeats and Hip Hop and I just love to keep coming up with new vibes so I’m always in the studio cooking with my buddies.

I started recording seriously in 2020 and performing at local events in my city. I kept at it till David Okpe, a friend and a music promoter discovered my music and this led to signing a deal with Afrique Boy Entertainment in 2021. Now its really on and I have a shot at my dreams. I want you to come along with me for this journey and I swear its going to be the best trip ever!

Loving music so much even as a kid, I actually began writing songs at age 15 and started recording them while I was still in secondary school, but then my only audience was Mad Jay, my producer, and the 512 gig Elements hard drive we stored all our files on.
I joined a “Gospel Rap Music Band” in church after graduating from secondary school and this really helped me learn more about music while exploring my voice in the choir.

Growing up in Makurdi was never really different from a regular Nigerian childhood in a small town but I always had a heart for the big city. My folks were at first highly against me taking a musical career path, but at all odds I had to listen to my inner voice and keep pushing through my journey even though at times it was a tough one.
Choosing a specific way to sound as an afrobeat act is never a sample thing to come by, especially for someone who grew up listening to different genres of music. I found a way to blend my influences into a fusion and I keep perfecting my style and craft everyday.

I,m currently working on lots of new music with Mad Jay and Omah Lay Producer Bizzouch who was behind the sensational hit “Damn”. Stay tuned for my upcoming music and I really appreciate all the love and support I’ve been getting from the friends and fans around me and online. I don’t deserve you guys…. Thank you so much and watch this space for our newest content. We came a long way from a mini-studio in Makurdi

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