Jay-Z Has Caused Quite The Stir On Twitter After He Labelled His Wife Beyoncé An “Evolution” Of The Late Great Michael Jackson

The 99 Problems rapper, 52, made the comparison during a Twitter Spaces chat with Alicia Keys and Rob Markman.

He said: “Bey’s gonna be mad at me for saying this but Michael Jackson never had a Coachella. She’s an evolution of him because she watched him at nine. And the kids are the same.”

He continued to gush over his wife of 13 years and praised her “Beychella” performance of 2018.

“Find me a concert that’s as culturally relevant and thrilling as Coachella,” he continue. “Beyoncé is gonna be one of the best singers we ever heard because she is such a student.”

While Twitter users weren’t doubting the Single Ladies singer’s talents or achievements, many took offence to her hubby’s comparison to the King of Pop.

One fan wrote: “I Love Beyoncé but don’t take it too far saying she’s better than Michael Jackson.”

Another said: ““Respectfully Michael Jackson never needed anything like Coachella throughout his lifetime. Michael Jackson has had double the audience of anything Beyoncé ever had.

“MJ had people literally fainting and being transported on stretchers…no offense but MJ is unmatched.”

And a third penned: ” Jay Z is supposed to ride hard for his wife, who is a legend in her own right, but come on, Michael Jackson was on an entirely different level. He did all of this without the presence of social media, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify.”

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But Queen Bey’s loyal following were also on hand to argue her case and back up her beau.

One wrote: “Beyoncé was pregnant & singing upside down at FWT, pregnant & throwing up when she did Glastonbury, sick when she sang her face off at Oprah’s show.

“Michael Jackson sprained his ankle & did an entire performance sitting down & lip-syncing for his life. the bar is SO low for men. TUH.”

Another devoted fan said: “Beyoncé is more talented than Michael Jackson. y’all just love to demote her talent because she is a woman. If Beyoncé was a man y’all wouldn’t be saying this.”

A third penned: “Now that Jay-Z brought this mess to the table, it’s time to talk, what talent does Michael Jackson have that Beyoncé hasn’t surpassed?

“And please do not come with that “people fainted at his concerts” because that is not talent, it is dehydration. wrote a third.”

Jay-Z also made a stir on social media at the beginning of November. However, on that occasion it wasn’t his words that got a reaction, but the fact he had finally joined Instagram.

Within hours had had surpassed one million followers. However, only a day later and the account was deactivated.

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