Joe Flizzow Is Featured On Snoop Dogg: Algorithm Latest Album Video

The album, Snoop Dogg: Algorithm (The Global Edition) is an extension of Snoop’s recently released Snoop Dogg: Algorithm which features nearly 50 artists from different regions.

Flizzow was chosen personally by Snoop to be featured on a track titled Alright with hip-hop legends Redman and Method Man as well as singer Nefertitti Avani.

“To be honest, he just announced it. He listened to my track Ciao featuring Jay Park and MK and he was standing up and dancing to it.

“When the team gave him a list of artists to work with, Snoop just said that he wants to work with Joe Flizzow,” Joe said in an online press conference.

The Def Jam Recordings South-east Asia managing director said that he has been a huge fan of Snoop since 1993 and the icon remains was one of his biggest inspirations.

From wearing Snoop Dogg T-shirts to covering some of Snoop’s songs at school talent shows in the early days, Joe admits that the collaboration was truly a dream come true for him.

Joe shared that Malaysia has been on Snoop’s radar 10 years ago where he first met The Next Episode rapper during a concert post-mortem in Thailand.

“He’s like a big brother, he’s very friendly and was asking a lot of questions about Malaysia.

“And of course, I’ve worked with Warren G who is one of Snoop’s closest friends, so he knew a few things about Malaysia.”

When asked about the tracks and whether he had a say on the material, Joe said that the tracks were allocated to them in advance however, the Apa Khabar rapper said he wouldn’t have chosen any other tracks because of Redman and Method Man.

“Method Man and Redman are legends in the hip-hop industry, and they are the reason I have a deep love for rap music even before I became a singer.

“To be on the same track with Method Man and Redman while being presented by Snoop Dogg in the intro is a dream come true.

“I feel that this is one off my wish list that has been achieved.

“My next wish is to have Snoop Dogg be featured on my upcoming album Johan coming out next year,” he said.

The Snoop Dogg: Algorithm (Global Edition) is Snoop’s first project after being appointed as Def Jam Recordings executive creative and strategic consultant.

“The reason why I called this album the algorithm is because it is the algorithm.

“There’s so much talent on this record, so many different styles of music and it breaks the algorithm.

“And I felt like right now, the algorithm is telling us that you got to rap this way, you got to sound this way but they’re not telling you how you’re supposed to feel.

“So, the reason why I call it algorithm is because I feel that my algorithm will give you a feeling, by the sound and I want to change the game by putting some feelings back in the music,” Snoop said.

Apart from Flizzow, Singaporean rapper Yung Raja was also featured on Snoop’s album on the song titled Qualified featuring American rapper, Larry June and RnB singer, October London along with Snoop himself.

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