Liam Gallagher Has Responded To Estranged Brother Noel‘S New Song, Calling Him A “Miserable Arse”

Noel marked New Year’s Day by sharing new demo ‘Trying To Find A World That’s Been And Gone’ as a preview of his upcoming new solo album.

“Do you not think this is the year you guys finally make up Liam?” a fan then wrote in response to the tweet, to which Liam bluntly responded: “Is it fuck.”

As fans await the arrival of a follow-up, Gallagher has shared a preview of what they can expect from the upcoming album in the form of a new demo. He also revealed that he finished writing and demoing the LP just before Christmas.

“So we didn’t actually get there in the end did we?” Gallagher said in a message to fans signed up to his mailing list. “I finished writing/demoing the next NGHFB album about 10 days ago. Thought you might wanna hear this little piece which – like last year’s offering – sounds quite appropriate for this New Year’s Day.”

He finished by saying: “Hope you had THE BEST night (as much as was allowed anyway) and hopefully we’ll catch up somewhere in the summer.”

Last week, Noel revealed that he is planning to film the making of his next album at Abbey Road Studios.

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