Lily Collins Is Opening Up About Her Wedding And Honeymoon With Husband Charles Mcdowell On Ellen

Collins, the daughter of Phil Collins, and McDowell, the son of Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen, had surprisingly never met before despite both of their parents being in the entertainment industry.

The 32-year-old actress tied the knot with 38-year-old Charles McDowell in Colorado this past September, then proceeded to go on a Scandinavian honeymoon.

The Emily in Paris star also spoke about how ‘outdoorsy’ she is and how much she and her husband enjoy travelling and exploring new locales.

When asked where she got married, Collins said, ‘It was a place called Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado.’

‘We had never actually been there until about the day before we got married, which was really fun for planning a wedding,’ Collins joked.

She added the location was ‘stunning’ and that the couple ‘loves nature’ so everything worked out wonderfully for the nuptials.

‘We met randomly, actually. We were kinda surprised we hadn’t met yet. We’d been in the same rooms a bunch of times and never met,’ she said.

Collins added it was, ‘one of those cheesy but true love at first sight things,’ but when asked if they both knew how ‘outdoorsy’ they were, she said that wasn’t the case.

‘No. He did not know that I was very outdoorsy. I don’t think I knew I was quite as outdoorsy as I became, but I grew up in the English countryside, so I’ve always loved being outdoors,’ she said.

When Ellen mentioned that the couple always seems to be somewhere interesting, Collins said they are always, ’embracing new adventures.’

She also shared pics from their honeymoon through Scandanavia on what she described as a, ‘foodie adventure tour.’

Collins admitted that it was ‘freezing’ cold and she’s not a fan of the cold, but she just ’embraced’ it on honeymoon.

Part of their honeymoon took place in a Swedish treehouse, with every treehouse designed by a famous architect.

‘The one we stayed in has a literal tree in the middle of it and there’s this netting where you can lay on your back and look at the stars,’ she said.

While she said it was ‘very romantic,’ she added there was no ‘piping’ that went up to the trees, while revealing the unusual bathroom procedure.

‘You do anything you’re gonna do into a paper bag, which then gets incinerated which then gets turned into dust which then gets turned into a tree!’ Collins said.

Emily in Paris debuted its second season in late December on Netflix.

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