Megan Thee Stallion’s New Popeyes Hottie Sauce Is Officially Out

On Thursday (October 21), her “WAP” collaborator Cardi B took to social media to review the hot sauce.

In the clip shared by Akademiks on Instagram, fans can see Cardi’s fresh new manicure set greased up by the Popeyes meal she just ate with an opened Hottie Sauce next to her long nails. According to the Bronx rap superstar, Megan’s sauce is otherworldly.

“Bomb cause it’s like…it smells and it feels like it’s going to hit you with like Louisiana Hot Sauce, but then it goes to like a different world like a sweet and sour,” Cardi B said in her short video.

Fans were quick to poke fun at Cardi B’s review, focusing especially on her manicure.

“Shorty got them Edward scissorhands nails,” one person wrote while another said, “N-gga i thought them was crab claws.”

Someone else wrote, “”Wtf is Luciana’s hot sauce,” poking fun at Cardi’s pronunciation of Lousiana.

Megan Thee Stallion announced her Popeyes brand partnership last week on Instagram. On top of putting out a new sauce, Megan will also become a franchise owner and will oversee the development of her own Popeyes locations.

“Not only does ya girl have an official sauce but I’m also now a franchise owner and will be opening up my very own Popeyes locations ??? #megantheestallionhottiesauce.,” Megan wrote as part of her caption on her Instagram post.

Meg is also making sure her hotties aren’t packing the pounds by eating Popeyes. She recently became the “Hot Girl Coach” alongside Nike trainer Tara Nicolas for a series of workouts available on the Nike Training Club (NTC) app.

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