Netflix Released A Series Of Promotional Photos For The Upcoming Third Season Of The Hit Television Show

The pictures showed glimpses of each of the Sparrow Academy characters. The images showed just their faces from just above the mouth to the top of their heads.  

Each picture had a number corresponding to the number the character in the show was given as a child. The photos were posted to Twitter in a way that counted down from seven to one.

The show features a star-studded cast including Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, Kate Walsh and many others.

The Umbrella Academy has been nominated for six Emmy Awards but doesn’t have any wins as of yet.

There is no season three release date yet, but it is expected to land on Netflix some time in 2022.

Many of the stars in the show have had productive careers in recent years.

Page currently has two films in post-production. Both are animated movies, one titled Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin and the other titled Robodog.

Hopper is currently filming a project titled Love in the Villa. He will also appear in Climber, a movie about American mountaineer Gary Hemming.

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