Retailer LUSH Are Finally Dropping Festive Favourite Snow Fairy In Candle Form

The sweet-smelling candle won’t be around for long, so we’re revealing how to get your hands on one and how much it’ll set you back.

LUSH’s range of Snow Fairy bath and body products usually drop around November/December time, and this year has been no different.

The sweet, vanilla-like scent has been a festive favourite ever since its launch back in 2013, with shoppers eager to buy Snow Fair shower gel and bath bombs.

Clearing listening to customers, retailer LUSH have now announced a Snow Fairy scented candle – we couldn’t be more excited!

Product inventor for Lush, Gary Shears, teased the new product by writing: “A Christmas #Snowfairy treat. Coming for End November and December only.”

Now highly-anticipated, it doesn’t look as though the Snow Fairy candles are going to be around for long.

As Shears mentioned, the product will be released towards the end of this month and throughout December keep your eyes peeled from Friday (26th November).

Metro reports that the candle will be available in UK stores and online in UK, Germany, France and a few other European markets. The same outlet shares that each candle will cost £12 and will have a burning time up to 12 hours.

Gary Shears later took to his IG story to explain that there will only be 45,000 candles available.

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