Rick Ross Took To Instagram Last Month To Debut Cover Art For His 11th Studio Album

The rapper has already released cover art for his next project, but in a turn of events the image has now been changed, reports say.

We’re breaking down everything that we know about Rick Ross’ album cover art and revealing the before and after.

Good news for rap fans, Rick Ross is set to release his 11th studio album on December 10th 2021.

The 45-year-old has been teasing the new project, ‘Richer Than I Ever Been’, since last year and has now finally released a tracklist.

Earlier this year, the rapper commented on his upcoming release, explaining: “Really, I feel this is the best album I’ve ever done. I make progress every day. I feel like some of the stuff I’m saying on this album is really going to separate it from others.”

Rick Ross took to Instagram last month to debut cover art for his 11th studio album, but unfortunately, the image was met with online trolling.

Seeing the rapper sport cream coloured gloves and plenty of bling, it seems as though not everyone was a fan of the album art.

Ross’ new look was compared to Queen Elizabeth, with others claiming that he resembled their grandma.

Thankfully, Jonathan Mannion, the photographer behind the image, took the criticism in his stride. Mannion explained: “We’re already going over a lot of people’s heads with this image.

“Let’s stay in that crisp fresh, rare air and let them rise to meet us if they’re able.”

Glad he switch the cover.. was giving off queen Elizabeth vibes

As per The Daily Beast, Rick Ross has now changed his album cover art. Take a look below to see the new design:

The updated art sees Rick Ross in shades facing away from the camera. The title of the album is written in gold, displayed over a dark background.

Although some are pleased with the rapper’s new design, other fans aren’t as satisfied.

Original cover was more hard. Mysterious and refreshing. The new cover looks exactly like one of his other covers

Another tweeted: “Bring back the Queen Elizabeth cover. Sis go hard AF.”

Somebody else took to Twitter: “Naah the original one goes hard, everything about it gives “richer” vibes.”

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