Rising Motown Star Asiahn Has Entered The World Of Sync With Welcome To Karma’s World

Surrounding the child-friendly song of wholesome rap and the catchy chorus is the show’s premise, which follows the dreams of an eager artist, voiced by Asiahn, ready to change the world through positive self-penned tunes.

Though “Welcome to Karma’s World” may seem like just another cute kid ditty, the show’s music isn’t targeted only to children, said the creator and producer Ludacris in a press release.

“When making music for Karma’s World, our creativity was unlimited – we experimented with country, reggae, reggaeton, pop, jazz, R&B, hip hop, classical and so much more,” he explained.

“The series serves up sophisticated beats, impressive rhymes and straight up catchy choruses all the while addressing important topics and themes in each episode. The music on Karma’s World is not just for kids I know for a fact that whole families will be singing and rhyming along. Karma’s World brings people together, tells great stories, and provides a sound for all ages.”

Karma’s World premieres on Netflix on October 15.

In June, Asiahn shared “OMW” and a month later dropped the accompanying video. It’s the first single from her upcoming album. She released her Motown EP, The Interlude, back in January.

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