SMACKDOWN: Charlotte Flair Def. Shotzi

In the opening moments of SmackDown, Sasha Banks interrupted SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair as The Queen was singing her own praises and explaining how she was the leader that the SmackDown Women’s locker room needed.

Although The Boss was looking to stake her claim to be the first Superstar to challenge Flair for the title, Flair informed her that, in a New Era, she would prefer to give a newer Superstar a Championship Contender Match. In response to this challenge, the ambitious Shotzi rode in on her tank and volunteered to take on the titleholder. Charlotte agreed.

Throughout the impromptu matchup that followed, Sasha Banks remained at ringside and cheered on Shotzi’s incredible efforts. In the height of the action, however, Banks climbed up on the apron in an apparent attempt to distract Flair. This ultimately backfired, though, and inadvertently paved the way for The Queen to reign supreme with Natural Selection.

As the smoke cleared, a irate Shotzi shoved The Boss to the floor. When a surprised Banks turned her attention to an advancing Charlotte, Shotzi unleashed an all-out assault on Banks both inside and outside the ring.

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