SMACKDOWN: The New Day Def. The Usos

In a New Era of SmackDown, The New Day’s King Woods & his new Knight Kofi Kingston once again found themselves battling longtime rivals, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos.

In the height of the fast-paced back-and-forth showdown between two incredible tandems, a distraction by King Woods outside the ring not only took Jey Uso out of the equation, but also allowed Knight Kofi enough time to get his knees up as Jimmy Uso was coming off the ropes.

In the chaos that followed, Jimmy didn’t see The King tag himself into the action. Althoigh Jimmy hit the Superkick on Kofi for the pin attempt, the legit (and regal) Superstar was able to catch him unaware and pick up the pin fall to give The New Day an important Championship Contender victory over the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

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