SMACKDOWN: Sami Zayn Stole The Black Friday Battle Royal To Become Roman Reigns’ Next Challenger, Brock Lesner’s Suspension Lifted

Prior to the Black Friday Battle Royal, Drew McIntyre was not happy to be excluded from contest and stormed in with his beloved sword Angela to clear the ring of competitors.

In the height of the subsequent high-stakes free-for-all. North Carolinas’ own Jeff Hardy survived both Sheamus and Happy Corbin and looked to be the the victor. He overlooked Sami Zayn, however, who snuck up behind him and eliminated The Charismatic Enigma to earn the right to challenge Universal Champion Roman Reigns!

Before he could celebrate his victory, however, Kayla Braxton revealed the shocking news that Brock Lesner was no longer suspended and we going to be on SmackDown next week!

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