WWE RAW: Miz And Maryse Tricked Edge On “The Cutting Edge”

After The Miz used his wife as a human shield last week to stop Edge from hitting the Spear, The Rated-R Superstar welcomed Maryse onto “The Cutting Edge.”

Edge wasn’t fooled by her teary eyed performance, however, and soon called her out on it. He also called out The Miz from his hiding place at ringside. Miz’s music began to blare through the arena, and Miz did, in fact, attack.

The Ultimate Opportunist was ready for it, and the two began to brawl. That all changed when Maryse slapped Edge and opened the door for Miz to hit his Day 1 opponent with a Skull-Crushing Finale. With The Rated-R Superstar laying at their feet, Miz & Maryse embraced with a kiss.

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