WWE RAW: Omos Seemingly Ended His Partnership With AJ Styles After Match Against The Mysterios

On “Miz TV,” The A-Lister professed his love for his wife Maryse as he asked her not to discuss their life on “The Cutting Edge” talk show later in the night.

This plea came in the wake of the incident last week involving The A-Lister using his beautiful spouse as a human shield.

In his subsequent talk show, Miz shifted gears and made strong allegations on the state of the tag team partnership between his special guests Omos and AJ Styles. Miz claimed that Omos had confided in him the many ways he was no longer happy with The Phenomenal One.

And when Styles and Omos battled the Mysterios in tag team action, Syles lifted his knees as Rey was attempting a splash. When Styles got to his corner, though, Omos refused to tag in and instead turned his body away from AJ. As Styles stood there stunned, The Master of the 619 rolled him up from behind and picked up the win.

When Styles got in his face after the bell and called him a “piece of trash,” Omos shoved him back. In response, Styles attacked his Own Personal Colossus. When he tried to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, however, his enormous tag team partner caught him, hoisted Styles into the air and hurled him eight feet down to the canvas. Omos then made it clear that the next time Styles saw him, it would be in a match against him.

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