WWE RAW: Queen Zelina Def. Doudrop Following First Royal Proclamation

Queen Zelina donned her crown and reveled in her coronation as the first ever Queen’s Crown Tournament Champion.

After addressing her subjects and detailing how she will reign, Queen Zelina welcomed Doudrop to the ring to prove what happens to those who stand in her way.

Reminiscent of the her match against Doudrop at WWE Crown Jewel, Queen Zelina could not match her opponent’s power and was often tossed around the ring. Even when Queen Zelina hit Doudrop with a pair of knees to the face, she could only get a two-count. Realizing the mismatch, Queen Zelina untied a turnbuckle, causing the ref to be distracted long enough for her to grab her scepter and strike Doudrop in the head to earn the win.

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