WWE RAW: Seth Rollins And Kevin Owens Attacked Big E And Bobby Lashley

One week ago, Bobby Lashley carried out the Herculean task of overcoming Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Big E in individual matchups and transformed the WWE Championship contest at WWE Day 1 from a Triple Threat into a Fatal 4-Way Match.

As MVP talked about The All Mighty’s accomplishment this week, Big E emerged to take issue as to why MVP felt he had to help his man by hitting the titleholder from behind during their high-stakes showdown. Lashley was also puzzled as to why MVP had interfered in last week’s match with Big E and, in the spirit of competition, decided to leave the ring and let Big E and MVP work things out.

Before the issues could be settled, though, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens emerged from behind Lashley and unleashed a ruthless attack on The All Mighty and The Powerhouse of Positivety. With their backs against the wall, Big E and Lashley expelled their attackers from the ring.

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