WWE RAW: Seth Rollins Survived A Grueling Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match To Earn A WWE Championship Opportunity

After the match was made earlier in the night, Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Finn Bálor and Kevin Owens put their bodies on the line for an opportunity at Big E’s WWE Championship.

Very accustomed to ladder matches, KO was the first to pick up a ladder, destroying everyone in his path and powerslamming Bálor onto it. After delivering a superkick to Rollins, Owens looked to take out The Visionary of Drip with a cannonball off the top rope, but Rollins rolled out of the way, sending Owens crashing down onto the ladder.

Rollins took advantage of the opportunity by picking up the ladder and hitting anything that moved until Bálor tripped up and stomped Rollins, smushing him beneath the ladder after tossing Owens on top. Bálor  then climbed the ladder but was met at the top by Mysterio. The two duked it out until Owens sent them and the ladder tumbling to the mat.

Owens fought off the other three Superstars and had his hands on the prize, but a quick Mysterio raced up the ladder to grab his leg and prevent him from unclipping it. Enraged, Owens slammed Mysterio face-first into the ladder, rolling out of the ring to inflict more damage. He continued to lay waste to the competition until a diving Rollins took him off his feet.

The Superstars continued to trade blow after blow until all four were laid out flat on the mat. The Monday Night Messiah was the first to finally reenter the fray, only to be met by Bálor as the two battled outside the ring. Unbeknownst to both competitors, Mysterio was busy climbing up the ladder, nearly making it to the top before Bálor swooped in to deny him.

KO then popped up out of nowhere to deliver a Stunner to The Prince and a huge powerbomb to Mysterio through a table. He looked to do the same to Rollins, but Rollins reversed it by flipping Owens over the ropes and sending him crashing through a ladder outside the ring. Rollins then delivered a stomp to Bálor, leaving the coast clear for The Visionary to climb the ladder and claim the opportunity.

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