Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Decided To Throw Herself Into Some More Mess On Instagram Today

There’s just one problem: she had to make sure that Saint West Kim Kardashian’s child with Kanye West was in the picture as well.

And while she stopped short of tagging Kim in the post (probably because Masika Kalysha knows better, and she knows that Kim will make her take down the pic), she made sure that everyone knew her child was front-and-center with the Kardashian-West offspring.

Fans of Love & Hip Hop will recall that Masika Kalysha was so difficult on the set including constantly storming off and threatening legal action that she actually nearly got fired. (Word on the Internet streets is, she was told to either leave or get fired.)

Then, in September 2020, the clout-chasing baby mama faked her own kidnapping to get more people to subscribe to her OnlyFans. When TMZ broke the story, she got fired from the TV show she was working on, and got publicly rebuked by the sex crimes organization she claimed to be working with.

I don’t know about you…but all this sounds like she needs mental help to me.

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