Jose Mourinho Was Pictured Eating His Dinner While Sat On The Floor Outside Cagliari’s Stadium

The former Tottenham boss was awarded a yellow card in the first half of their Serie A 0-0 draw before receiving a second yellow and subsequent red.

The Roma manager – who was was given his marching orders by referee Davide Massa – was then banned for his side’s next encounter in Sicily.

Shortly after the game, Mourinho took to Instagram to share a image of himself eating on the pavement outside Sardegna Arena.

The Portuguese boss was seen wearing the same clothes he sported during the game. He was also pictured eating food from a silver container, with a can of Coca-Cola beside him.

The Roma boss shared the photo on Instagram with the accompanying caption: ‘Game over… 3 points… Nice food (can’t go to dressing room) and one more kid Ohene Afena Gyan Felix’.

Jose Mourinho is forced to eat his dinner on the steps outside Cagliari's  stadium | Daily Mail Online

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at Mourinho’s Instagram post as he didn’t appear too concerned.

Mourinho’s blasé approach to his red card was further emphasised by his actions immediately he was escorted off the pitch during the Napoli game having sarcastically applauded the officials.

Mourinho could be seen climbing on to a ledge to see over the barriers behind the dugout at the Stadio Olimpico, gesturing wildly and shouting instructions over to the Roma players.

The former Manchester United manager posted the clip to his Instagram, joking he was ‘desperate to see a great football game’.

He went on to add: ‘When you have no ticket and you desperately want to watch a great football game.’

Nevertheless, Mourinho’s men managed to scrape a point from the crunch game, halting league leaders Napoli’s perfect start to the season and then backed it up with the Cagliari triumph.

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