Watford FC Are Working With Police After A Hornets Fan Left The Game Against Southampton Early Due To Homophobic Chants

Hornets fan Alexander Pitt reported it to stewards at the game after hearing the chants while sat at the Rookery on Saturday (October 30).

The club have since confirmed they are aware of the incident and are working with the fan to identify the individuals responsible.

It is also understood Watford are working with Hertfordshire Constabulary’s hate crime team as part of the investigation.

Recalling the incident, Pitt wrote: “Yesterday was my first game in two years at Watford. My brother and I left before fulltime. Not because of the performance, but because of the hostile atmosphere in the section of the stadium I was sat.

“A group of fans who I was sure are season ticket holders taking two seats between four, consistently swearing and being a nuisance, the breaking point was when they started chanting ‘rent boy’ to an opposition player.

“At that point I’d already reported them to the steward in the stands and in the V bar.

“The fact they felt they couldn’t do anything was heart-breaking for me. Watford are a family club and that includes the singing section and the 1881 movement. The fact the stewards felt they had no power is just another step of the problem.”

Pitt also explained that they enjoy the singing section as it brings “the atmosphere” and that a an unrelated song about the “size of a players c**k is inappropriate.”

The fan added that the deputy steward on site was “incredibly helpful” and that the work of the Proud Hornets is “more important than ever”.

Following the tweet, Watford FC said: “We are aware of an incident of homophobic chanting at Saturday’s match.

“We have spoken to the supporter who reported this and are working with them to identify the individuals responsible.

Watford Welcomes initiative launched at the start of 2018/19 season and the club said racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest and ejection from Vicarage Road

LGBTQ+ supporters group, Proud Hornets, said: “We’re extremely disappointed that our own fans have behaved in this way and saddened that any fan has been made to feel so uncomfortable that they had to leave the game.

“We are now working with the club to investigate and deal with the issue.”

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