Davina Mccall Has Revealed She Has An ‘Agreement’ With Her Boyfriend Michael Douglas

The 54-year-old presenter told OK! Magazine that she and her hairdresser partner, 47, keep their relationship private to be ‘fair’ to their exes and children.

Speaking to the publication, Davina said: ‘We’ve got an agreement that I don’t talk about our relationship, because our exes and kids don’t have a right to reply, so it’s not fair.

‘We won’t ever talk about us in an interview because somehow words linger and we don’t want that. The podcast is pretty public but our relationship isn’t, and that will never change because we don’t need it to.’

Elsewhere in the interview, Davina spoke about return of The Masked Singer, declaring it to be the ‘best show ever to be a part of.’

She said: ‘I am so excited. It’s so much fun. We never stop laughing. The celebs’ costumes are amazing this season but my guessing is pretty rubbish this time around.’

She explained that the judges aren’t allowed backstage as the identity of the celebrities is kept top secret, but that co-star Jonathan Ross has the best dressing room.

It comes after Davina and host Joel Dommett revealed someone fellow judge Rita Ora knows ‘quite personally’ was among the contestants while Davina found it ‘weird’ to see someone she knew, but neither of them correctly guessed their friends identities.

Speaking to MailOnline, Davina said: ‘What might be a massive name for Mo might not be a massive name for me and vice versa.

‘There’s a big name for me, there’s a big name for Mo. He couldn’t believe it. There was someone I know, that was quite weird.’

Joel added: ‘Someone Rita knows quite personally.’

When asked if she guessed her friend, Joel replied: ‘No, absolutely not, it was a huge shock. It was brilliant.’

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